About us

Dear readers,

Around 90% of all the trade is carried by the global shipping industry. The world’s fleet consists of more than 50 000 merchant ships of various types – bulk carriers, general cargo ships, tankers, container vessels, etc. More than 1 million seafarers work on all these different vessels. In one way or another all the Earth’s population is connected with the shipping industry.

In our blog we will provide you interesting information about ships, the job on board, the maritime legislation and the shipping industry in general. The information will be useful for professional seafarers but also interesting for the casual readers. In our blog you will find information about different aspects of the maritime industry.

We will give you information about upcoming legislation changes. The conventions and the rules in the shipping industry are “living” documents. They are constantly updated to meet higher standards in the aspects of safety and environmental protection. As you know every year new rules are implemented or the old ones are amended. The usual frequency is bi-annual. It is difficult to read all of them and to find out what is relevant for you. We will try to give you brief and comprehensive explanation about all you want to know. You will know what areas and ships will be influenced and how you can prepare your vessel according to the new rules.

We will follow and inform you about the new technologies in the shipping industry. What are the expectations about them and how they will change the ships? How they are implemented and who will be affected? What are the benefits and the disadvantages from the new technologies?

We will discuss different situations we or our fellow seafarers experienced and how we coped with them. You can read about common problems you can experience on board and what is the best way to fix them. Some of them will be

routine, others will be quite unusual. Some of them will describe real critical situations and others will be entertaining. We believe you will find all of them interesting and will learn something new about the seafarers’ job.

The authors are professional Deck and Engine Officers as well as people who are just interested by the shipping industry. We will be very interested to see your feedback about our posts. Feel free to share your experience with us. Give us an interesting story and become one of our guest bloggers.